We've been building fine homes for over 30 years. We specialize in property acquisition and in-fill in some of Toronto's finest neighbourhoods. As a design/builder, we are unique in that our trades construct the home from the 'ground-up' to ensure quality and continuity during construction. Well versed in ICF's and suspended concrete, we bring an added dimension to our finished products. 

We make the unconventional, conventional.

Narrow lots, difficult access? We have all kinds of specialty equipment for excavation and removal, placing concrete, stick-framed formwork, shoring and underpinning.

Need to go deep? We can engineer your basement, you just need to pick the number of levels.

SIP's, pre-tensioned slabs, structural metal stud, composite concrete flooring, OWSJ's, hydronic heating, geo-thermal. Long lasting, 'quiet' energy-efficient homes . . .now that's building smart. 

We're able to maximize lot potential by creating:

  • Multi-level underground parking
  • Surface level suspended concrete decks and outdoor patios
  • Creative driveway and side-yard garage entrances - see 'The Bunker Garage'
  • Hydraulic vehicle lifts
  • Basement turntables for efficient vehicle storage

These are just a few of the techniques we offer to make your home your 'castle'.

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Innovative design, built-in value