Our Services

Here at Greyfield, we are ready to meet all of the demands in any type of construction project, regardless of the size or nature of it. We are committed to providing a personalized, innovative and built-in service solution. 

Listed below are some of the main services that we offer. Please take a look through our Photo Gallery to see our work in action.

Earth Work Shoring
Bulk excavation, removal, grading Conventional braced, cantilevered, drilled and sleeved
Site stripping Steel and sheet piling
Compactors; vibratory plates, vibratory rollers, remote trench Caisson
Soil bins Timber and closed sheet shoring
C&D waste removal Thrust blocks and concrete displacement




Underpinning Site Services
Conventional, dry-pack Foundation drains
Full-displacement Storm and sanitary sewers
Multi-tier vertical and horizontal

Catch basins

Retaining walls Watermain
RPC and unit-precast concrete

Live connections



Precision Concrete

Form Work

Strip footings, pier footings, pile caps, helical piles                                       
Slab on grade, engineered fill and conventional substrates
Foundations Suspended structural slabs, composite concrete decks and pre-tensioned concrete panels
Conventional stick-framed steel reinforced walls High-performance concrete slabs, surface hardened
Vaults Low-rise and treated parking decks
ICF’s (Insulated Concrete Forms)     
Heated concrete ramps/decks, hydronic and electric heat sources



Fine Interior
Rough framing and trim carpentry
Acoustic ceilings
Doors and hardware, entry systems
Millwork and cabinetwork
Foundation waterproofing 
Timber frame
Insulation (rigid and glass-fibre)
Vapour barrier


Innovative design, built-in value